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What we do...

The Good Project collaborates with indigenous communities to build projects that promote self-determination, advance scientific research, preserve their ancient knowledge, and protect their ancestral lands.


Why we do it...

We envision a world where indigenous communities, at whatever level of global integration or transculturation, are empowered with complete agency, self-representation, and self-determination. We strive, through small steps or radical movements, to ensure that our native peoples have an equal voice on the world stage and the right to choose their own destiny in shaping their culture and ecosystems.


The Good Project is a conduit, through trust and respect, for fostering cross-cultural awareness and establishing a global consciousness between peoples of all cultures and walks of life. 

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Our guiding principles...

Do no harm. Always respect the wishes of the indigenous communities. Our projects always acquire the permission and blessings of the people.


Keenly aware of the sensitive balance between supporting socioeconomic progression and preservation of traditional values and customs, the Good Project engages with indigenous leaders, existing local and national NGOs, and support groups with similar missions to create a community of collaboration that sets common goals and shares resources to achieve them.


The Good Project staff spends as much time as possible in indigenous communities to better understand their ways of living, languages, and the impacts of exposure to other cultures.


We document, learn, and preserve the indigenous way of life to foster cross-cultural awareness, and promote the recognition and protection of indigenous rights and ancestral lands.

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