• David Good

Fishing with the Yanomami

Fishing is a favorite pastime for so many around the world. For me, it is certainly a great way to spend time with my family, learn the Yanomami language, appreciate and admire the rain forest, and of course, catch dinner! Some days, we could sit for hours and walk a way with teeny little fish - not enough for even a single fishstick. Other days, we would hook a yaki - a South American catfish. This could feed our entire family (especially if we mix with some rice).

In this video, we are sitting on the banks of the Orinoco river and got caught in some rain. We made a little shelter out of banana leaves to protect some of my electronic equipment. The rain was soothing and comforting. As I glanced across the river and scanned the lush tree line, I had to stop and give thanks for being so lucky to be at this place at that particular moment. I felt peace within my soul and a stronger bond with my family. Of course, sharing this video; sharing the wonder of the great Amazon is also a call to please protect the Amazon. Please lower our carbon footprint. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. My family's life (and yours) depends on it.

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